Sunday, February 24, 2008

The Militarization of Space

The recent action by the United States to shoot down an errant satellite spy satellite was met with condemnation from China and Russia and prompted a call from Presidential Candidate Barack Obama to ban weapons in space. The course taken by the United States whether to protect the populous from the minute chance of danger from debris or the hydrazine fuel or to protect our technology from the prying eyes of our enemies was fully justified. The Chinese response was especially hollow considering the shoot down of their own aging weather satellite that left orbiting in space a large debris field that is now far more dangerous than all the other "space junk" combined. Foolish we are to believe that the countries that call for a ban on weapons in space are the same that keep their societies and their capabilities secret while criticizing those that aspire to a free and open society.

The United States owes no explanation to any country for any action we take above the clouds or below. Countries like China and Russia are surely planning for an eventual battle in space while chiding us into taking a higher road that they themselves would never follow. Candidate Obama's singling out of "no weapons in space" ban, while vowing to drastically cut back the space program and his plans to largely disarm the United States military once again show us his naivete. No informed or capable leader would make such a claim knowing the capabilities of our adversaries.

America must prepare for the day that China and Russia will use space as a platform for waging war against the United States. We must continue to develop all of our space capabilities and make no treaties or promises that would not allow us to militarize space. Remember, it was Ronald Reagan's promise to develop an anti-missile shield dubbed "star wars" that sent fears through the Soviets. The Soviets knew then that they couldn't afford a race with us, but now, buoyed by new riches from energy reserves they are a more formidable opponent then at any other time in history. China will continue to use the dollars we send them to buy trinkets, toys, shoes, and a host of other items for build their military capabilities on the ground, in the sea, in the air and in space. We must be ready. Don't be fooled by those among us that call for a weapons ban in space. They are the ill-informed and are as dangerous as our foes abroad.

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