Sunday, January 27, 2008


Today, and the next week marks a time when several tragedies occured in the quest for space. Sixteen American astronauts risked their life to advance the cause of space exploration:

Apollo 1 (January 27, 1967) - Virgil "Gus" Grissom, Ed White, Roger Chaffee
Challenger (January 28, 1986) - Francis "Dick" Scobee, Ron McNair, Mike Smith, Ellison Onizuka, Christa McAuliffe, Judy Resnik and Greg Jarvis
Columbia (February 1, 2003) - Rick Husband, Willie McCool, Michael Anderson, Kalpana Chawla, David Brown, Laurel Clark and Israeli astronaut Ilan Ramon

Their sacrifice will always be remembered. Those who love space exploration and dream of space know that there are always risks, but that the destination is worth the journey.

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